Women’s Health Resources for Teaching Academic Year 2015 – 2016

Women’s Health and Mortality Chartbook
This is a great statistical resource on women’s health for each of the states! A total of 27 different health indicators are featured representing some of the more key issues facing women. I’ve used this resource for years! It’s easily search-able and not only useful for students but also for faculty conducting research in any of these areas of interest.

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding
If you are teaching any content that includes breastfeeding, this is a wonderful and very current resource. Includes importance, barriers, and actions to increase breastfeeding.

Immunization Guidelines for Women
ACOG 2011 publication with concise and up to date guidelines including use of immunizations during pregnancy.

STD Treatment Guidelines CDC 2010
This is a classic! Any course content addressing STD’s should definitely include this critical resource that is updated annually. I’ll post the 2011 one when it’s published.
NOTE: This great resource is available FREE for download as an E book for the IPad, IPhone or IPodTouch. You can’t get it through ITunes or the app store, but you can download it here!

Women’s Health Videos

Fasting Girls: Then and Now
Cornell University
Feb 16, 2012
This important presentation begins with the historical roots of anorexia to uncover the cultural meaning of appetite in women’s lives and the role that individual biology plays in this disease. What I love about this film is it’s interdisciplinary approach – looking at this disease from a cultural context as well as a biological one.