Research Resources

Whether you are teaching research, sitting on a student’s thesis committee or conducting research yourself, here are some resources that I think you might find useful. As with everything else on this website, please let me know if you have something that you would like to share with others. I will be happy to post it!

This section includes internet sites that either describe various components of the research process, elaborate on a particular research methodology or provide a good example of an ongoing or completed research project. You can browse for keywords in this section, as in many others on this website, by using the search button on each page.
Every once in awhile I come across a good video, usually on YouTube, that helps to illustrate a research design and/or describe the findings of an interesting study. It’s much more engaging for students to learn some of this material when they can actually hear the researchers describe their work. Of course, since I have a low tolerance for boredom, you won’t find anything painfully boring in this section :).
This section includes any other valuable resources I find that don’t fit into the video or website category. That could be a conference, symposium, journal articles, case studies etc.