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Young Adults Experience with Depression
Young Adults Experiences with Depression
Health Experiences USA

New Treatments for Depression
University of California
David Feifel, MD, PhD joins our host David Granet, MD to discuss not only the symptoms of depression but new cutting edge treatments such as the use of ketamine and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Recorded on 10/23/2015. (#30156)

Suicide Risk Assessment – Latina Case
9 min video
University of Wisconsin/ Madison
This brief video is a great way to introduce the cultural dimensions of a psych assessment. Actors are used very effectively to demonstrate the practitioner interviewing a young Latina woman.

Suicide Risk Assessment – Hmong Family
6 minute video
University of Wisconsin/Madison

Similar to the above video, this one highlights a Hmong family and the complexities that come into play when assessing risk in this culture.

Look Behind the Mask of Depression
Dr. Jeffrey Applebaum
Produced 8/30/2010

This video is a Grand Rounds presentation from the University of California/Davis. The objectives are perfect for advanced practice nurses, especially those in primary care. Practical guidelines are offered for differentiating primary anxiety from primary depressive disorders. In addition, the difference between bipolar and unipolar depression as well as ADHD are also covered. With the focus on primary care and strategies for how the practitioner can asses for these mental health disorders, this is worth every minute! I would either use this video in class followed by discussion or assign it for students to view on their own.

Psychotic Disorders
Dr. Glen Xiong

This video is very current, first aired 3/8/11 as part of a Grand Rounds series offered by UC Davis. Similar to the video above, it is specifically geared to primary care providers and as such, it would be very helpful for nurse practitioner students. The focus is psychotic symptoms and how to work them up in a primary care setting including history, symptom analysis, lab data etc. The presenter uses three case studies to illustrate the clinical decision making involved. Current guidelines and medications prescribed are also reviewed. This 58 minute video can easily be incorporated into a two hour class session leaving sufficient time for questions and perhaps additional case studies.