Pediatric Health Internet Resources

NOTE: If you use any of the material found here or in any other resource on this website, please remember to credit the source! There has clearly been lots of hard work in constructing these valuable resources and we are fortunate that there is a culture of sharing in cyberspace.

The following are resources added fall 2015 and are focused on health assessment and physical exam. Certainly some are redundant but I found some interesting extras in each one – so you might want to browse through them.

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – Attention Deficit Disorder
Another great tutorial that covers the initial approach and evaluation.

Pediatric Vision Assessment
Lois Harrell, Pediatric Vision Specialist describes how she developed the Functional Vision Assessment Kit using her 40 plus years of experience with children who are blind or visually impaired. Lois inventories materials in the kit and briefly describes how they are used in assessing functional vision of infants and young children.

Pediatric Urology
Wake Forest Baptist Health, North Carolina
Check the left side panel……content ad videos related to the following:
UTI’s in Children

University of Arizona Pediatric – History and Physical Exam

Columbia University – Psychosocial Assessment of the Pediatric Patient

History and Physical Exam along with Assessment and Plan for the Pediatric Patient
University of Tennessee

Content Outline from the American Board of Pediatrics – Interesting to look over the content they need for board certification and maintenance.

Evaluating the Child for Sexual Abuse
American Family Physician

Pediatric Neurologic Exam
University of Utah

 Pediatric History and Physical Exam
University of North Dakota

 Great overview of cystic fibrosis
Stanford University

 Illinois State University
Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis
2 chronic disease
good power point

NEW!! Bronchial Obstruction in Children
McGill University

NEW!! When is a Bruise NOT just a Bruise? Evaluating young children with bruising concerning for abuse
Susan Lamb MD
Division of Child Abuse Pediatrics, University of South Carolina
Nov. 2015

NEW!! Update to Pediatric Preventive Care
Oct. 11, 2015
Kyla Scarponi DO, FAAP

NEW!! Multidisiplinary Pediatric Obesity Clinic via Telemedicine within the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area: Lessons Learned
Wendy Slusser, MD, MS1,2, Margaret Whitley, MPH3 , Nilufar Izadpanah, BS4 , Sion L. Kim, BS1 , and Don Ponturo
Sept 24, 2015
Clinical Pediatrics

NEW!! Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma: A Brief Overview
Jerrod Brown, Kelsie Kuyath, Michael Eberlein, Brandie Hardcastle, and Janina Cich
Forensic Scholars Today 1(4), 2016

NEW!! Pediatric Otolaryngology Disorders for Primary Care
Ashok N. Reddy, Md Concord Otolaryngology – Head And Neck Surgery Concord, N H
Really nice PP presentation!

NEW!! Pediatric Lab Results: The Need for “Normal”
Position Statement AACC
July 2016

NEW!! Pediatric Preventive Care Guidelines 2016
Massachusetts Health Quality Partners


NEW!! Recommendations for Pediatric Preventive Health Care 2016
American Academy of Pediatrics

NEW!! Pediatric Allergic Reaction Protocol
National Counsel for Community and Education Partnerships

NEW!! Management of Pediatric Upper and
Lower Extremity Fractures
Raymond W. Kleposki RN, MSN, CPNP
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
Acute Fracture and Trauma Center
37th National Conference on Pediatric Health Care
March 16-19, 2016

NEW!! Pediatric Oral Rehydration for Gastroenteritis
Emergency Nurses Association
November 2015

NEW!! Defining pediatric reference ranges  in laboratory medicine: Why adult  ranges don’t always work Children are not small adults Michael J. Bennett PhD, FRCPath, FACB DABCC University of Pennsylvania & Children’s Hospital of  Philadelphia ASCLS‐August,2016

NEW!! Pediatric and Adolescent Migraine
Paul Winner, DO, FAAN
Clinical Professor of Neurology, Nova Southeastern University, West Palm Beach, FL
American Headache Society

NEW!! Concussions in the Pediatric Population
Jenny Nguyen, MD Department of Pediatrics Children’s Hospital Loma Linda University
October 2015

 Bates Physical Examination: Pediatrics Head to Toe
Well done!

Newborn Screening: The Cost of Delays
University of Michigan
April 2, 2015

Pediatric Orthopedic Problems in Primary Care
The Facts Behind the Fiction
University of Wisconsin