Historical Documents

Historical Documents: Simulation

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Historical Documents: Nurse Practitioner Effectiveness 

The American Nurses Association offered a great annotated bibliography, created by Dr. Brown, on NP and CNM effectiveness between 1984-1991. I have emailed them to see if I can get permission to scan this document and make it available online. Haven’t heard back yet but hoping..I can’t find it anywhere else! Looks like you might be able to purchase it from ANA, see below.

Brown, S. A., and Grimes, D. E. (1993). Nurse practitioners and certified nurse-midwives: A meta-analysis of studies on nurses in primary care roles. Washington, DC: American Nurses Association, 105 pp.

This report presents a quantitative meta-analysis of research on the impact of nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives in primary care. It describes the processes of care, clinical outcomes, and health care utilization and cost-effectiveness of nurses in primary care roles. Studies on the comparison of nurse-provided and physician-provided care were examined. The analysis includes published and unpublished research.

Contact: American Nurses Association, Telephone: (301) 628-5000 Secondary Telephone: (800) 274-4ANA, $23.25 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.

Barbara J. Safriet. (1992). Health Care Dollars and Regulatory Sense: The Role of Advanced Practice Nursing. Yale Journal on Regulation, 9(2), 417-487.

Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Certified MNurse Midwives: A Policy Analysis.Health Technology Case Study 37. December 1986.

This report was created by the now extinct US Government Office of Technology Assessment. It had great importance at the time and I think it needs to be revisited! Sometimes it feels as if nurse practitioners are starting from scratch when discussing their proven effectiveness and safety. This might be because documents such as this one are not included in their education. I think this would be a great assignment for a Roles class! I searched the web for it and finally found a copy which I am loading here as a pdf. Since it was produced by the federal government, it is free of copyright. Enjoy!

Policy Analysis 1986