Health Policy Internet Videos

Social Policy is Health Policy:
The Health Implications of Policies Outside the Silo of Health Care
Rice University
Focus on the social determinants of health – well done!

The US Congress and Health Policy
Sheila Burke RN, MPA, FAAN
From the Kaiser Foundation

Health Policy and the Affordable Care Act
University of Pennsylvania
If you’re covering this content, you’ll watch this video!

Center for Connected Health Policy
Frank Anderson of Open Door Community Health Centers in Arcata, California, explains what telehealth technologies are, and their value in improving access to health care services, the quality of those services, and the cost savings possible with technology-enabled health care.

Health Policy Experts Discuss Preventive Care
Health policy experts discuss economic evidence for investing in preventive care which can reduce the prevalence of a targeted disease or condition and help people live longer, healthier lives.
Robert Wood Johnson

Utah Health Policy Project
Judi Hilman has engaged a wide range of Utah residents in a variety of advocacy campaigns. From low-income and disabled persons, to small business owners, Hilman empowers those around her to use their voices to advocate for justice. Her Utah Health Policy Projecthelps individuals learn about health policy issues and solutions, the policy-making process and how they can play a role. Judi Hilman was honored as an RWJF Community Health Leader in 2008.

The Patient’s Role in Palliative Care
A very moving story told by a nurse who was diagnosed with stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer. She talks about choices and the importance of patients fully participating in their care.
Amy Berman, RN

Alzheimer’s – What’s the Value of Knowing Early?
Robert Blendon – Professor of Health Policy and Political Analysis at Harvard School of Public Health

UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
A Health Dividend for America: The Opportunity Cost of Excess Medical Expenditures
This is a brief 10 minute video that introduces an initiative to maximize health while decreasing costs. This would be a great introduction to the topic and provide lots to discuss!

“Plural Perspectives on Health and Health Policy”. Vickie Mays PhD
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico. An excellent presentation on race, racism and health consequences. May 28, 2014.

ALSO at UNM, “Weathering Social Change and Austerity Urbanism”. Arline Geronimus ScD. Part of the same lecture series as above.