Health Policy Internet Resources Content, Case Studies and Power Point

Open courseware
Lots of great health policy lectures here!
John’s Hopkins School of Public Health

Health-Related Quality of Life Health Policy and Management
Curricular Materials including lesson plans, power points, student handouts and suggested assignments. GREAT resource!
Centers for Disease Control

Promoting Healthy Public Policy through Community Participatory Research
This is a treasure but then again, I’m very partial to this research methodology.
There are ten case studies.
UC Berkeley and The Kellogg Foundation

More Case Studies
From the Kaiser Family Foundation

Case Studies of Health Policy in 6 Countries
From the Milbank Memorial Fund

Case Studies at Denver Health
‘Patient Dumping’ in the emergency room
Health Affairs Aug 2012

Grassroots Advocacy
A great power point presentation
Emergency Medicine Residents Association

Health Policy – A Primer
Great power point presentation!
From the University of Florida

The Connecticut Health Policy Project
This site has excellent power points on over 20 topics related to health policy!
They also have 5 writing assignments. Although some of the pages on this site are particular to Connecticut, this particular page is a general health policy course.
From the State of Connecticut
The Kaiser Foundation has a wonderful selection of archived tutorials that you can download and use for your teaching. Although they are primarily focused on Health Policy, there are several that focus specifically on Global Health issues. GREAT voice over powerpoints and podcasts.

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has a policy brief related to diabetes and the rising cost of health care in California. A great overview of the problem with policy recommendations.

Health Politics and Policy in the United States
Prof Tom Rice, Dept of Health Policy and Management, UCLA, Nov 25, 2013
Great graphics with very interesting data!

The Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey
Check the left column for several very good downloads including the ChartPack.