Health Assessment Resources My Personal Goodie Bag

Nursing Professor Resources by Patricia Camillo PhD is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Power Point Presentations
Basic Health Assessment Interviewing
Basic Health History
Basic Physical Exam
Various Forms and Instructions
Review of Systems
Criteria for Evaluating the Written History
Check List for the Physical Exam
Normal Physical Exam Findings
Sample Documentation for the Physical Exam
Presenting the Findings Orally

More Handouts and Evaluation Forms

I had to scan these since I didn’t have digital copies, so the quality is not great and I could only save them as either a jpeg or pdf. There are several pages for each set – I;ll try and organize them so it makes some sense. If you decide to use them, you’ll probably want to have someone put them into WORD. Still, I think you might find something helpful :).

Communication Part 1
Communication Part 2
Interview Phases 1
Interview Phases 2
Interview Phases 3
Interview Phases 4
Interview Phases 5
Interviewing articles
Health History Evaluation 1
Health History Evaluation 2
Integrated Physical Exam 1
Integrated Physical Exam 2
Integrated Physical Exam 3
Integrated Physical Exam 4
Performance Evaluation 1
Performance Evaluation 2
Performance Evaluation 3
Performance Evaluation 4
Performance Evaluation 5
Performance Evaluation 6
Performance Evaluation 7