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NOTE: If you use any of the material found here or in any other resource on this website, please remember to credit the source! There has clearly been lots of hard work in constructing these valuable resources and we are fortunate that there is a culture of sharing in cyberspace.

Internet “Book” Resources
Need to reference Gray’s Anatomy? Get it all FREE online!
Great illustrations!!

History and Physical Exam Videos
Note: There are more videos below in the “Specific Exams” section

The History and Physical Exam

This should be shown on the first day of any health assessment class! Just wish it was a nurse presenting the lecture. Dr. Abraham Verghese speaks about the art of history taking and the need for “touch.” Beautiful and inspiring!
Courtesy of Stanford University.

The Stanford 25 – Components of the Physical Exam

The Stanford Medicine 25 involves 25 distinct components of a physical exam that was designed by Dr. Verghese. VERY well done – check it out!

Also on the Stanford Website, a collection of videos that are wonderful!

I did find some videos done by an NP at my alma mater – the University of Wisconsin/Madison. There are also several excellent physical assessment videos as well.

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine This website is loaded with material for teaching health assessment.
Offered by the University of California in San Diego.

NEW! The Pediatric Clinical Exam
Columbia University

More Physical Exam Videos

Loyola University has a large collection of what they call video lectures.

St. George’s University of London has 13 health assessment videos that are easily embedded on a website – if you’re teaching online – and students can also download them to their cell phone!

Physical Exam Modules
University of Virginia

Advanced Physical Diagnosis
University of Washington

Physical Exam Teaching Assistant
University of Florida

Case Studies Using the Physical Exam
A fabulous resource from Harvard University!

NEW! General Adult Physical Exam Videos
Northeast Ohio Medical University

NEW! Powerpoint Slides for Teaching Ortho Assessment
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

NEW! Physical Exam Videos AND Lecture Notes!
Dr. Nickol, University of Nebraska
Part 1
Part 2

Focus on Specific Exams
Although the above links provide many wonderful videos for each component of the physical exam, I pulled out a few others that were specific to certain systems – offering a little more detail.


Auscultation Tutorial
3M Littman Learning Institute

Heart Sounds and Cardiac Arrhythmias. This can also be downloaded from the Apple APP store so it can be used on IPADS, IPHONES etc.

The Cardiac Exam
Case Western Reserve University

The Cardiology Site
A .com site created by a cardiologist loaded with great resources.

Heart Sound and Murmur Library
University of Michigan

EKG Waves – A Self Assessment Program for Students and Clinicians
Harvard University

ECG Learning Center
University of Utah

Auscultation Assistant
University of California, Los Angeles

Cardiovascular Risk Calculator

Reynolds cardiac risk assessment (especially helpful for women)

Body Mass Indicator

Littman Soundbuilder App
The 3M™ Littmann® SoundBuilder App is a learning tool designed to help improve the auscultation skills of students and practicing clinicians. There are 14 unique lessons – based upon key heart sounds – that combine text, a virtual mannequin, 3D cardiac animation and dynamic waveforms.

NEW! Cardiac anatomy Tutorial
University of Iowa

NEW!  Basics of EKG Interpretation: A Programmed Study – Barbara Ritter Ed.D, FNP
Acknowledgement is given to Leslie K. Muma, MS, RN, NP for assistance in preparation of this learning module.


Pulmonary breath sounds
Northern Arizona University

Chest X ray Tutorials – FABULOUS!!
University of Kentucky

Introduction to Chest radiology
University of Virginia

Chest X Ray Atlas – with several case studies!
Loyola University

NEW! Listen to the sound of a Pertussis Cough!

NEW!  Listen to other cough sounds

NEW! Breath Sounds – Colorado State University

NEW! A Repository of Breath Sounds
 University of Manitoba, in Winnipeg, Canada

Nervous System and Mental Status Exam

Neurological Exam
This is an extraordinary online interactive guide to the Neurological exam! Provided by the University of Utah.

Neuro exam
GREAT site!
Dr. Hal Bloomenfeld MD, PhD

The Precise Neurological Exam
New York University

NEW! The Neurologic Exam – An Anatomical Approach
Paul D. Larsen, M.D. and Suzanne S. Stensaas, Ph.D.
The University of Utah School of Medicine
This site has videos, notes and even quizzes – GREAT resource for Neuro!

NEW!  Mental Status Exam Tutorial
University of Cincinnati

Breast Exam

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool
National Cancer Institute

Musculoskeletel Exam

Great videos from a nationally recognized orthopedic hospital in NYC: The Hospital for Special Surgery.

Fracture Risk Assessment
World Health Organization

A collection of Musculoskeletal exam videos on Youtube
Dr. Mark Hutchinson

Dermatology Exam

Dermatology Assessment
New Zealand

Primary Care Dermatology Module
University of Wisconsin

Basic dermatology assessment
The skin exam
Lesion identification
Distribution and body locations
Recognizing configurations
Morphologic variations


American Academy of Otolaryngology – VIDEO’S
EAR exam
The oral cavity
The face and nose
NEW! The Nasopharynx and Larynx Exam

Two minute eye exam video
University of Iowa

ENT Exam
University of Bristol

NEW! Pneumatic Otoscopy
Hamid R. Djalilian, MD
University of California, Irvine

NEW! Pathologies found with an Ophthalmoscope

NEW! Pathologies found with an Otoscope

NEW! Eye Assessment
Dr. Jonathan D. Trobe
University of Michigan Kellogg Eye Center

Gynecologic Exam

NEW!  Pelvic Exam


Clinical images of physical exam findings
University of California, San Diego

Clinical Calculators
Clinical calculators
Risk Calculators
Medline – risk calculators

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