Health Assessment Resources for Teaching Academic Year 2016-2017

If you are teaching Health Assessment – either BASIC or ADVANCED – you are sure to find something interesting in these resources. They are all very current since I just gathered them over the first two weeks of August 2012. My hope is that it will save you some time in preparing for your classes and enhance your teaching so that both you and your students can have a rewarding educational experience!

If you happen to find a problem with any of these links, please let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!


This is a collection of web content including videos and powerpoint slides.
I’m not sure how long these will be online so grab them soon if you are interested!

Take a look at what some of your colleagues are doing in this course!

These are current citations from the literature that look interesting.
Over the years I put together some power point presentations for these classes as well as some handouts. Of course you’ll probably want to tweek them a bit to meet your students needs. For instance, for NP students I tend to eliminate certain things in the physical exam that I feel don’t provide much additional information.
¬†Feel free to use any of my personal resources on this page, as long as it’s for educational and non profit use…….. and pay it forward :).