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Presymptomatic Treatment for Alzheimeer’s Disease
Prof. Nick Fox, Professor of Neurology,  University of London
This is a lovely presentation which begins with a little history of the disease and then moves into the pathology and treatment.
Nov 28, 2012

Treatment Options for Urinary Incontinence
Dr. Ja-Hong Kim – UCLA
Although this appears to be directed to a lay audience, it’s a really good review of the pathology, diagnosis and treatment options for incontinence.
May 1, 2012

Practical Tips to Enhance Your Geriatric Assessment Skills
This lecture presents some clinical pearls for the family practice physician – certainly applicable for advanced practice nurses in primary health care.
British Columbia College of Family Physicians

This 58 minute video from the University of California begins with a great question: what adds value to your life? You can put in on hold and allow students to entertain that question as well. Another question or two follows making this a great tool for engaging students in a discussion on this important topic. These questions lead into an overview on the evolution of hospice care. A case study approach is used to bring up all the issues associated with death and dying but also underscores that palliative care is not just for those who are near death. This leads to a timely discussion on pain management, again, not limited to someone who might be dying of cancer for instance, but rather inclusive of those who might have more chronic debilitating diseases.

This 57 minute program offered through the University of California/Davis is most appropriate for advanced practice nurses at the graduate level. It covers a great deal in a very succinct yet comprehensive manner. The presentation itself is a bit dry but includes all the following major points:
– understanding the pathophysiology
– establishing the dx
– brief screening tools
– differential dx
– supportive labs
– treatment

This wonderful 33 minute film was produced by students and members of the USC School of Social Work. It chronicles the experiences of 15 students who traveled to Bejing, China. One of several interesting observations made by these students was the use of community parks as a place for elders as much as for children. A very different cultural perspective from the US. This is a great film for undergrads who are expanding their understanding of health from a cross cultural perspective. It is short enough to use in the classroom as a stimulus for further discussion.

This 34 minute presentation is taken from the Duke University Endocrinology Conference in 2010. The content is timely, appropriate and relevant to all advanced practice nurses who provide care to the geriatric population. Topics covered include the following:
– A review of current guidelines
– Glycemic targets
– Precautions and potential complications of antihyperglycemic therapy
– Treatment of hypertension
– Screening for complications that could lead to functional impairement

Dementia Case Presentations
Dr. Berneet Kaur
UC Davis, Department of Neurology
First aired 6/15/2010
57 minutes

Three case studies are presented and include the clinical decision making that led to the final diagnosis and management. Each case represents a particular form of dementia. Differentials for alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, dementia with lewy bodies, cortical dementia and frontal lobe dementia are included.

Since it’s difficult to diagnose these dementias definitively with a specific test, the three presentations include autopsy results and confirm the original diagnosis. This is a great presentation for advanced practice nursing students! It might even be appropriate for BSN students depending on how your particular curriculum addresses these disorders. If you are thinking of using this with undergrads, I suggest that you view it first and plan how you will use the content in a follow up class discussion.

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