Gerontology Case Studies

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Important: Read the page Case Study Bank before using these case study shells. The subjective and objective information in each of these cases come from REAL situations! Most are almost 20 years old, so some things might need some tweeking. Also, I have changed all of the personal information, making it impossible to connect these cases with the actual person. What these cases represent is a real life “story” that you can use to meet your specific teaching needs.

1. Comprehensive – balance, fall risk, chronic pain, poor memory
2. Comprehensive: back pain, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, elevated blood pressure
3. SOAP: foot pain, constipation
4. SOAP: follow up post op, cellulitis, diabetes
5. Comprehensive: assisted living, cough, weight loss, knee pain
6. Comprehensive: rehab, post op knee pain, confusion
7. SOAP: 89 Yr Old Living Alone, Refuses meds, fall risk, pitting edema, cough, SOB, fatigue, abdominal pain, poor vision
8. COMPREHENSIVE: Nursing Home N&V, dementia, hearing loss, hypertension, DJD, personality disorder
9. Comprehensive Nursing Home, pain, poor nutrition, decubitis ulcer, parotitis
10. Comprehensive: Board and Care, dementia, urinary incontinence, left breast mass, DJD
11. Comprehensive: Assisted Living, assess for continuing current living arrangement
12. Comprehensive: Nursing Home, irritated conjunctiva, nasal drip, cough, phantom pain,depression
13. Comprehensive: Nursing Home, hip pain, change in mental status
14. Comprehensive: insomnia, pain in shoulder, visual deficit, fall risk
15. SOAP: Assisted Living, hypertension, DJD, breast mass, cognitive impairment, incontinence
16. Comprehensive: 91 Yr, living alone, hip and leg pain, assessment of developmental stage
17. Comprehensive: Nursing Home, shoulder pain, back and hip pain, pain in lower legs and feet, fullness in ears
18. Comprehensive: Rehab, post LTH revision
19. Comprehensive: Extended care, cellulitis upper arm, weakness, fatigue, lower extremity edema
20. Comprehensive: Nursing Home, Rash
21. Comprehensive: COPD, CHF, elder abuse
22. Comprehensive: Extended care, femoral neck fx, Parkinson, back pain, wgt loss, axillary lump
23. Comprehensive: Nursing Home, back pain, constipation, memory loss
24. Comprehensive: memory loss, speech problems, fatigue, urinary frequency, depression
25. SOAP: hypertension, visual floaters, elevated glucose
26. Comprehensive: Nursing Home, epigastric distress, s/p right hip fx and UTI, impaired mental status and anxiety
27. Comprehensive: Nursing Home, dementia, diarrhea
28. SOAP: memory loss, CAD, hyperlipidemia, wrist pain, caregiver stress
29. SOAP: chest congestion, back pain
30. SOAP: hearing loss, tongue lesion
31. SOAP: dyspnea, diabetes, CHF
32. Comprehensive: HTN, Rash
33. Comprehensive: post MVA, chronic pain, cognitive changes
SOAP: fatigue, constipation, loss of appetite

“To be seventy years old is like climbing the Alps.
You reach a snow-crowned summit,
and see behind you the deep valley stretching miles and miles away,
and before you other summits higher and whiter,
which you may have strength to climb, or not. Then you sit down and meditate and wonder which it will be.”
Lillian Smith