Gerontology Resources for Teaching Academic Year 2015 – 2016

The Portal of Geriatric Online Education
This site is a free public repository of a growing collection of geriatric educational materials in various e-learning formats, including lectures, exercises, virtual patients, case-based discussions, simulations, as well as links to other resources. New products are added every month! POGOe’s mission is to promote geriatric education through the provision and encouragement of free exchange of teaching and assessment materials that support the fields of geriatrics and gerontology. FABULOUS resource!!!

Power point presentations are available online from the 2013 annual meeting of the American Geriatrics Society! LOTS of great material here, I’ll highlight a few that I found especially interesting, but would encourage you to browse the link for others that might be of specific interest to you.
* Dementia Screening and Early Detection
* Opioid Risk Evaluation
* Painful Joints: An Update on the Management of Osteoarthritis
* CPT Coding: Basic Principles and Practice
* Palliative Care
* Cancer Screening for the Older Adult
* Aortic Valve Diseases
* Post Acute Management of Falls, Nutrition, Pressure Ulcers and Hydration
* Geropsychiatry Update
* Newer Antithrombotic Drugs
* Antipsychotic Appropriateness in Dementia Patients
* Models of Geriatric Care
* Physical Activity for Older Adults
* Diabetes in Older Adults
* Comprehensive Care for Dementia
* Chronic Disease and Home Care
* Update in Geriatric Cardiology
* Update in INfectious Diseases in Older Adults

There are many more! These are just a few that I pulled out and thought would be especially helpful in planning your gero content. And remember, there are lso several sessions in each of the days that might be of special interest to DNP students

Also from the American Geriatric Society (AGS)…..

Prevention of Falls in Older Persons
A Clinical Practice Guideline (2010)


A Guide to Dementia, Diagnosis and Treatment
This is a great comprehensive outline that can be downloaded to pdf for easy printing.

The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing
If you teach anything related to gerontology you really need to acquaint yourself with this website. The Hartford Foundation, in partnership with other interested stakeholders, has made a commitment to help shape the quality of health care offered to elders. One critical part of this initiative is the advancement of geriatric nursing. Browse their website, there are many resources that could be useful in teaching including those I list below.

Nursing Homes as Clinical Placement Sites
This is a series of six online modules for clinical faculty who are using nursing homes for student practicums. Structuring student placements and preparing the clinincal site are two of the six topics that you might find helpful. I especially like the focus on resident-directed care and cultural change.

Clinical Teaching Modules: Real-world gerontological teaching strategies
These two modules were created together with AACN to help clinical nursing faculty teaching undergraduate students in hospitals integrate the care of older adults. AN evolving case study approach is used to demonstrate a typical clinical day from the pre-conference through charting and clinical evaluation. A very helpful resource!

University of Minnesota Resources
As part of the ever amazing initiatives and funding coming out of the Hartford Foundation, the University of Minnesota offers an extensive listing of resources that could be very helpful to nurse educators teaching gerontology content. It’s easy to browse through the main headings so you can quickly sort through to see if there is anything you might be able to use in your course planning. Check it out!

Elders and Nutrition
This is an Institute of Medicine (IOM) 2010 publication which includes the following: size and demographcs of aging populations; physiology and aging; food safety concerns; nutrition concerns; communicating with aging populations and future challenges and solutions to providing healthy and safe foods to aging populations. The IOM creates some fabulous reports and doesn’t disappoint with this one! Although focused on nutrition, some of the content can be used when teaching other gero topics, especially the chapter on demographics and physiology. All of their reports are available free to pdf download online.

Safe Practices When Prescribing for Older Adults
Great reference tools for medication management with the elderly!

Geriatric Functional Assessment: The Geriatric Review of Systems
This is a great slide presentation from the University of Virginia. It’s a nice overview and would be very helpful for NP students.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
This is one of the best outlined versions of a comprehensive geriatric assessment I have ever seen online. FABULOUS for NP students!! Authored by the folks at Tufts University. Even if you don’t need it now, make a copy for future reference in case it disappears and goes offline.

Gerontology Related Videos on the Web!

Using web based videos is a great way to engage your students and to emphasize the content you are teaching. Check out these videos that I screened for teaching!

Gerontology Case Studies

These case studies are free for you to use under the Creative Commons license!
They are from my personal bag of goodies :)…..Check them out!