It’s Never “Just Arthritis!”

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Nearly one-quarter of US adults (23%) reported having doctor-diagnosed arthritis. It’s so common in those over age 50 that it’s almost considered “normal.” The symptoms commonly associated with this condition include pain, decreased activity and sleep disturbances. These are often seen as part of the aging process that accompanies failing joints. However, comorbidities associated with these symptoms can seriously impair a person’s quality of life and potentially result in serious illnesses.

This presentation will highlight the dynamic relationship between these symptoms, systemic inflammation, and the development of comorbid conditions that are potentially life threatening.  The movement away from the “wear and tear” hypothesis will be discussed. Clinical tools to help the nurse assess the severity of these symptoms within primary care settings will be shared as well as practical strategies to limit their negative impact. Finally, consideration of potential comorbidities will be discussed as critical components in the decision-making process regarding joint replacement surgery.

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Following the completion of this educational activity, you will be able to:
After completing this educational activity, the nurse should be able to:
1.Assess and manage patients with arthritis using a more comprehensive approach, with the tools to assess and manage sources of systemic inflammation in these patients and thereby improve the odds of preventing serious comorbid illnesses.

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