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NEW!! Medication Case Assessments
These are real life cases from about 25 years ago. They were in my files and I scanned them for you to use. I did not include the analysis since it would likely be different today. As always, I removed any personal identifying data and scrambled a few things just to make sure. These cases were produced using the medication analysis tool below and they are definitely meant for use with graduate students! These are very complex situations with elderly who have multiple diagnoses and lots of polypharmacy. This is why the headings on these cases don’t indicate anything other than age, so at least you have something to reference. I hope these serve as an interesting challenge and great learning experience for your students!

Female – 93 years old
Female – 90 years old
Female – 84 years old
Female – 80 years old
Male – 78 years old
Female – 75 years old
Female – also 75 years old
Female – 72 years old
Female – 68 years old

Medication Analysis Tool

I pieced this together in the early 90’s from various resources, most of which I can’t remember now. I used it in teaching and also in testing. Really challenged students, especially because I was teaching gerontology at the time and there were MANY meds for each individual patient. Recently when I was teaching a group of FNP students, I showed them this tool and gave them a sample. Their response was “thank goodness we didn’t need to do this!” I was sorry I didn’t have them another semester (they were graduating) because given that response, I would have been very inclined to use it! Drop me a note if you use it in your courses. I would be very interested in your experiences with it.

NOTE: To see this tool with actual patient data, go to the bottom of the page on this site called “Ideas for Assignments”.