Advanced Pharmacology Internet Resources

Power Point Slide Presentations
 I’m sure you will find a few slides in each of these presentations that will come in very handy when teaching this content. The graphics in some of them are just fabulous!

NOTE: If you use any of the material found here or in any other resource on this website, please remember to credit the source! There has clearly been lots of hard work in constructing these valuable resources and we are fortunate that there is a culture of sharing in cyberspace.

Polypharmacy in the Elderly
Fabulous presentation from the University of Colorado in Denver!


Polypharmacy in Psychiatry: Why do we do it and when should we avoid it?

Great presentation from East Tennessee State University!
April 27, 2012

Pain Management and Opiate Use

Achieving A1C and Glycemic Targets with Insulin:
What to do when oral agents fail.
A 2012 update presentation by Juan P. Frias MD, FACE
University of California, San Diego

Antibiotics and Antimibrobial Therapy
Anti-Inflamnmatory and Immunosuppressive Drugs
Fall, 2011
Susan Masters PhD
Great presentation – some of the graphics on these slides are wonderful!

Antianginal and antiarrhythmic Drugs

Introduction to Pharmacology by Dr. Insel.
Here are two great introductions to pharmacology from UCSD. Covers all the basics and is good even for NP students who might have forgotten those basics.

Elders and Drugs
The following presentation is a great, simple overview of how the physiology of older adults can impact their drug use. It was created by Janel Duffey RN,MS,APRN,BC at Napa Valley College.

How drugs work in the body and on the mind.
Chapter 3 from Drugs, Behavior and Modern Society.
Charles F. Levinthal, Hofstra University
Great graphics, really helps to explain the content!

Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Implemtation: The Hospital and Long Term Care
Kavita K. Trivedi MD
Stanford University School of Medicine

Parmacology for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Oregon Health Sciences University
Ann Hamer, PharmD, BCPP

Miscel Internet Resources
Drug Interaction Checker on Medscape

Beers’ Criteria for Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use in the Elderly
Another great resource from the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing
Updated for 2015!

FDA Approved Drug Products

Guide to Good Prescribing: From the World Health Organization
An interesting international perspective with several excellent chapters.

NEW!!   100 Best Selling, Most Prescribed Drugs
Medscape, May 2015

NEW!!  ADHD Drugs and Cardiovascular Risks
Dr. Eddie Cheung
Hong Kong Society of Pediatric Cardiology
April 14, 2016

NEW!!  Pharmacologic Considerations in the Treatment of Schizophrenia and Psychosis
Ann M. Hamer, PharmD, BCPP
Oregon Science University
March 3, 2016

NEW!!  CNS Depressants: Sedative-Hypnotics

NEW!!  Medication Adherence
An online continuing education module offered by the American Medical Association