Advanced Pathophysiology Internet Resources Power Point Presentations

A note about these Power Point presentations……

I carefully chose the very latest I could find – pathophysiology is quite an evolving field! But many of these presentations were never intended for nursing students – so they can be over the top with information that is much more than you need.

However don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater :). In every one of these presentations there are gems to find – the graphics in particular can make a huge difference in helping students understand a concept. I encourage you to browse them carefully to look for these gems. You’ll be rewarded!

Basic Pathophysiology
185 slides from Jones and Bartlett that do a great job in providing the basics.
I like to provide this resource to help students and to emphasize that there is a difference between basic and advanced patho.

Pathophysiology of Diabetes…..Be the Pancreas!
Nice job done by

Pathophysiology of Cancer
From Arkansas State University
It would be impossible to cover all of the various cancers, but an understanding of the basic pathophysiology is a good way to manage this important content.

Pathophysiology of Acute and Chronic Pain
Wonderful presentation offered by Northwestern University Medical School
With many nurses coming out of an acute care background, I believe it’s important to recognize the differences. This is also increasingly important with growing numbers of people struggling with chronic pain.

Pathophysiology of Headache
SUNY Stony Brook
A great presentation from the State University of New York!

Pathophysiology of Stroke
SUNY Stony Brook
Wonderful set of slides!

Congestive Heart Failure Pathophysiology
From the University of Massachusetts

Pulmonary Pathophysiology
Great Presentation from Kansas State University

Renal Pathophysiology
Another great presentation from Kansas State University

Autoimmune Diseases
Nice presentation covering RA, SLE, Graves, Diabetes
From Austin Community College

Pathophysiology of the Reproductive System
DeAnn Cummings MD for the New York State Academy of Family Physicians
Good basic overview.

The Endocrine Pancreas: Regulation of Carbohydrate Metabolism
California State University, Los Angeles
Really good overview and also discusses differences between type 1 and type 2 with good graphics!

Pulmonary Case Studies
Loyola University

NEW!! Cardiovascular Pathophysiology
McGraw Hill

NEW!!  Glucose Metabolism an Diabetes
Mariel Arvizu, MD
Harvard University