Advanced Pathophysiology Case Studies

FIRST – Check out this great presentation from The University of Ontario
Strategies to Integrate Case Studies into Health Science Courses
ALSO…..a great article from Stanford University
Teaching with Case StudiesVirtual Patient Case Studies
From Mercer University School of Medicine
Hosted by the University of Utah
Note: The 3 headings don’t really describe what’s inside – click on them because there are some very good cases in there!

The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science
University of Buffalo….New York
Very well done – a treasure!

Department of Pathology Online Case Studies
University of Pittsburgh
This is a VERY long list and in fact, many of these cases would not be appropriate for nursing. BUT, if you use the keyword search and you spend a little time here, there are several that are great for nurses! You just have to do a little fishing, depending on the particular content you are covering.

The following are all NEW!! Internet resources for case studies addressing various diseases.

Various case studies.
Loyola University School of Medicine

Clinical Case of the Month
LSU, New Orleans

Harvard is so generous in sharing their teaching resources! This one is from Lieberman’s Learning Lab. Although there is an emphasis on radiology, cases are presented using a sort of mini seminar approach with Power point slides. Systems include cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, genitourinary, respiratory, gastrointestinal and head and neck. You really need to spend some time browsing these if you are teaching in these content areas. There is LOTS of great content here that’s well presented!!

Variety of Case Studies
New England Journal of Medicine

Ophthalmology Case Studies
Medical College of Wisconsin

Neuroanatomy Case Studies
University of New England

Neurological Case Studies
University of Utah

Neurology Case Studies
Tulane University

Stroke Related Case Studies
University of Massachusetts Medical School