Advanced Pathophysiology Resources for Teaching Academic Year 2016 – 2017

Some thoughts before you begin……..

I’ve taught Advanced Patophysiology many times – as a 3 credit course that focused primarily on the altered physiology of various disease states. There was always a separate course for assessment and management of these conditions. And as for clinical decision-making, this was covered in Advanced Health Assessment, often with advanced patho as a pre-req. This is also how I learned this content.

I recognize that there are many curriculums that are organized differently. However, in whatever course(s) you are teaching that cover pathophysiology, you are certain to find some valuable resources here. In the near future, I will be providing resources for the assessment and management of these conditions. Enjoy!

This is a collection of web content, but since I have many links for Power Point presentations, I’m listing them separately.

These are current citations from the literature that look interesting.
Take a look at what some of your colleagues are doing in this course!