About Dr. Camillo

I started Nursing Professor in 2009 during a temporary period of disability. In the years leading up to that time I became aware of the increasing stress levels among nursing faculty who were assigned heavy workloads with little support. I watched young, inexperienced faculty spend 2 days preparing for a single class! There was little, if any, mentoring.

With time on my hands, and the need to clean out my file cabinets, I found it very difficult to throw out lectures, notes, handouts, power points etc that I worked so hard to create over my many years of teaching. That’s when I had the idea to put it all out on the Internet so I could share it with my colleagues. And that’s how Nursing Professor.com was born.

Since then, the website averages between 1,000 to 2000 site visits per month from nursing faculty all over the world! In addition to my own content material, which can freely be used by others under a Creative Commons license, I review and post web resources that I believe will help faculty plan and produce high quality, evidenced based learning content for their students.

If you’ve been following this website over the years, you will notice something new. Beginning in 2016, I will be offering continuing education online to help offset some of the costs to maintain this site, although most of the activities will be available for free! This has been primarily a labor of love rather than profit. And this is how it will continue. However, I need to generate a little revenue to cover the ongoing costs. These include domain name registrations, site hosting and website maintenance. So from time to time, I will charge a small fee as these charges come up. I hope you will find these programs to be a valuable addition! I’m also looking forward to having more direct engagement with all of you through the Let’s Connect Forum.

I’m excited about these changes and the growth that this site has had over the years!
Thanks for all your support!

Dr. C

UPDATE: Sept. 7, 2016
I originally hoped that placing an Amazon link here might help to cover the cost of the website but that didn’t work. I’m still struggling to come up with ways to keep this going without personally costing me lots of money. If anyone has any ideas – let me know!